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Dental Fillings in Romford, East London

We can restore teeth back to their natural form and function using tooth coloured composite materials.


Traditionally Amalgam fillings are used to fill holes in teeth weakened by tooth decay but it does nothing to strengthen the tooth and prevent them breaking further down the line. By using tooth coloured composite fillings, we bond the tooth together, strengthening it and making it last longer while retaining a natural look.


There are a wide variety of different composite systems used by dentists worldwide, all have there advantages and disadvantages, but generally the modern dental composites have excellent aesthetics and are as strong as silver fillings.

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    Dental Fillings FAQs

    What are white fillings?

    The material used for white fillings is commonly known as composites, and as the name suggests it is formed of a few different constituents. Essentially, the composites are composed of a combination of glass and nano-particles embedded in a resin.

    When can white fillings be used?

    White Fillings can be used to replace old silver amalgam fillings or treat decay. White fillings can to restore most cavities; although when more than half the tooth is affected a porcelain inlay/onlay may be better suited to restore the tooth.

    Why choose white fillings?

    Apart from looking like natural teeth, white fillings are very strong and have the unique ability to bond to teeth. This means dentists can prepare teeth more conservatively to place the white fillings, rather than removing more tooth structure to place silver amalgam fillings.

    What are the advantages of white fillings?

    White fillings have huge cosmetic benefit as they appear more natural than traditional amalgam ones. Our dentist can match the shade of the fillings so it blends in with your natural teeth.


    Like other fillings, composites help protect your teeth from future breakage of the remaining tooth structure.

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